About Us

RMM Online Media LLC was founded in 2014, starting out with  just four blog sites. However, the company quickly expanded, Now, RMM proudly manages exclusively the media campaigns for over 200 high-traffic, quality websites in entertainment, lifestyle, technology and news vertical markets.

• Original Content, Professional Design and Presentation
• Whole Traffic Monetization (100% sell through)
• Daily Hands on and Automated Optimization
• A Myriad of Targeting Options

Web site publishers use RMM Online Media to generate revenues for their sites without necessarily selling anything. By consulting and working hand-in-hand with publishers, we ensure that the site is utilizing its full advertising potential. This can include ad placement, new program identification and many other exciting business development opportunities.

We also provide daily statistics on traffic and ongoing monitoring of performance with optimization happening at every turn.
Whether you are a Web site publisher looking to improve your income or an advertiser looking to get your message out to the right customer, contact us today to find out what Berez Media can do for you!

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